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Fiction Writing Focus

Mostly, mostly…, Scribbler’s Fantastical Workshop will feature various ongoing fiction writing projects. The primary focus, for now, is the Helkey saga. Over the medium-to-long term, this creative platform will broaden to include Luthiel’s Song (Which if you haven’t already noticed, is loosely tied to Helkey in a multiversal sense. Yes, we speak in multiversal here.). Other fiction projects — yet to be announced — may crop up.

Though this workshop’s center of gravity is fantastical writing, some serious RPG content is about to get boosted into orbit.

With Some Gaming Content Provided

“RPG content?” you ask, “Isn’t that nerd stuff?”

Well, I hate to break it to you — If you’re here, you’re already mainlining nerd in a big way…

In that vein, a brief confession I have to make is that I’m an avid RPG gamer. A confession that’s a lot easier to make now as it appears everyone has finally gotten hooked! Yes, finally! I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the age of 5 or 6. Fourty-four years is a long time to wait for the friggin world to wake up. So, everyone, welcome to the party! At last! And for those still on the sidelines — you’re seriously missing out. Jump in! The water is the finest of fine!

These adventures, which I’m fortunate enough to share with an amazing and expanding group of friends, is a sandbox of the imagination for me. Like Narnia meets Aliens meets LOTR meets Ghost in the Shell… Yeah. That crazy-cool! A place where I can be free to test out characters, themes, ideas and share them with friends or take part in their own imaginary, world-building projects.

So for this workshop I’ll be cross-pollinating a number of my fictional stuffs with role playing game material. Already, I’ve added some of the campaign notes for a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’ve recently run based on the Luthiel’s Song fantasy series.

Virtual Table Top Screen Shot From Blood of Oesha’s Big Finale

Links to the notes for this campaign (about to wrap up) — The Blood of Oesha — follow. In addition, I plan to write and run a modern 5e campaign based on the Helkey series in the future — perhaps starting within 6-12 months. Finally, I’m likely to start working on an original adventure series The Dominator written for character levels 12-20 in early 2022. Other work may include a character optimization blog or three, and some notes on how to be a not-adversarial Game Master.

Plus Streaming Dungeons and Dragons Games for Video Blogs and Twitch

Since many games are related to fictional works here, the platform will begin to feature live-streams and video blogs for the Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I run and play in. For starters, I’ll be sharing the end-phase of my Tomb of Annihilation (ToA) campaign group which will segue into The Dominator setup I have planned once ToA completes (if the PCs survive, of course). Later on, I’ll be streaming Ragnarok — a Dungeons and Dragons game set in a world I’m co-creating with my good friend Ted Burgess. This game world is a full-dive virtual MMO inspired by Sword Art Online where players are trapped by rigged VR gear — forced to battle monsters and complete quests in order to free themselves.

In my collaboration with Ted, I’ll also be playing in some of his featured games streaming on Twitch. These are Icewind Dale, the co-game for Ragnarok, and Rime of the Frostmaiden. So I hope to be posting mini blogs and video blogs for these games as well.

Finally, I’m looking to stream a Dungeons and Dragons Modern game based on Helkey. This game will involve characters who are playing a part in the larger Helkey conflict and thus contributing to the story we now see mostly from Myra, Beatrice and Mori’s point of view. I also hope to fictionalize and re-write the players’ story as a follow-on and in a standalone Helkey novel.

So lots and lots to look forward to!

You can find my Twitch account here:

Ted Burgess’s Twitch account is here:

What follows is a quick links guide/table of contents for the gaming related material posted to this blog:


Completed campaign run from levels 1-20 and set in the world of Luthiel’s Song.

Player Options

Introduction — Wind Cries, Forests Burn, Waters Rage, Oesha Bleeds

The campaign opens with mysterious supernatural events wracking the world. Meanwhile a strange wound has opened up in the land near the City of Romas.

The Blood of Oesha — Rules and Races

A comprehensive campaign reference describing rules changes and original races for Blood of Oesha.

Living in the Heartbeat of Nature — the Druids of Oesha

Rules alterations to 5e Moon Druids for The Blood of Oesha campaign world.

Keirin — Spirits of Light, Air and Storm that Slumber in Stone

Unique creature rules for the Keirin of Oesha.


A character optimization series focusing on the classic Dungeons and Dragons gish subtype.

Gish Optimized 1 — The Dexadin (Morgen Schnee as Ultimate Duelist)

A build guide for a highly mobile and deadly Dexterity-base Paladin.

Gish Optimized 2 — The Hexblade-Fighter (Raven Queen’s Herald)

A build guide for the Hexblade-Fighter.

Gish Optimized 3 — A Classic Fighter-Mage for 5e (Gaelya the Ghost)

A build guide for a powerful spell and sword-wielding combo in the form of a classic Fighter-Mage.

Gish Optimized 4 — The Big Bada Boom Cleric-Sorcerer (Merrin Valkire)

A build guide for a melee Tempest Cleric with a Sorcerer dip.

Gish Optimized 5 — The Draconic Battle Sorcerer, Glede of Gloaming

A comprehensive build guide for a melee capable sorcerer who also lays down some extremely powerful blasts.

Gish Optimized 6 — The Hellblade Barbarian Tank, Myra Helkey

A build guide for a Warlock tank that uses a one level dip in Barbarian combined with some non-concentration spells for great effect.

The Hexblade and Party Friendly Darkness With Summon Fey in D&D 5e

A supplement to the Gish Optimized 2 Raven Queen’s Herald build.

The Hexblade and Party Friendly Darkness With Hunger of Hadar in D&D 5e

A continued exploration of how to use darkness producing spells in a party-friendly way.

Tenser’s Transformation and Elven Accuracy on a Bladesinger in D&D 5e

An analysis exploring when to use and when not to use the powerful buff spell — Tenser’s Transformation.

Gish Optimized 7 — The Artificer-Bladesinger Switch Hitter

A complete guide to a Link-inspired Artificer-Bladesinger that has a strong focus on melee and ranged combat.


Video game logs, campaign notes, character profiles and other information about Dungeons and Dragons games I take part in as a player.

Battlestorm Online Valhalla — Livestream Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Play, Character Profiles, and Video Archive

The story thus far for Battlestorm Online Valhalla. Provides character profiles for present heroes and a video archive of played games.

Icewind Dale as Dungeons and Dragons

A fan-conversion of the Icewind Dale video game for Dungeons and Dragons play.

Rime of the Frostmaiden

(Ted Burgess as Dungeon Master) (Some Episodes Pending)

Homebrew Horrors For Icewind Dale (New Homebrew Monsters)

Homebrew 5e monsters based on the fan-converted 2e Icewind Dale video game by Beamdog.

The Skeletal Mage

A homebrew 5e Skeletal Mage.


A new campaign for characters level 12-20 based on a campaign I designed back in highschool and college. This campaign will transition from a presently ongoing Tomb of Annihilation game once/if the players successfully clear Acererak’s Tomb.

Player’s Options and Video Archive

The Dominator Campaign Chronicle and Video Archive

Discover Guy, Heruj, Lucious, Maaradeth and Tarron — the group of heroes destined to face off against the cruel designs of The Dominator.

Nether Realm of the Dominator Campaign Modules

Players discover The Dominator’s tyrannical web of power and abuse as they adventure through Kymbria, The Pit and the Nether Realm.

The Dominator Module 1 — Kymbria in Chains

Kymbria — A Land Abducted

The players enter the abducted fairy land of Kymbria. This module provides adventure hooks, story background, introduces the main heroes, villains, and the land of Kymbria. Included are two new unique monsters and two large combat encounters to start off this adventure series.

Mistfire’s Grove


Woodglen Monstary



A new Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’m co-running with Ted Burgess that launched on January 7th. Ted Burgess is livestreaming this game through his Twitch account to give a player’s perspective. The campaign takes place in a virtual reality megadungeon but creates lethal risk for the players.

Player’s Options and References

Battlestorm Online — Player’s Guide

Player’s Guide providing rules changes and options for characters in the Battlestorm Online campaign setting.

Battlestorm Online — In Real Life (IRL) Backgrounds

Fourteen new character backgrounds for Battlestorm Online players based on their real lives, personality and work prior to being trapped in a death game. Updates pending.

Battlestorm Online Ragnarok — Livestream Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Play, Character Profiles and Video Archive.

The story thus far for Battlestorm Online Ragnarök. Provides character profiles for present heroes and a video archive of played games.

Module 1: The Deep Dark of Svartalfheim

The first module of the Battlestorm Ragnarok campaign covering the layer of Midgard, its hometowns, and the new dangers presented by (spoiler alert) Yggdrasil’s coming breach into Svartalfheim.

Introduction and Adventure Summary

Campaign introduction and adventure summary for BSO Ragnarok. Introduction to The Deep Dark of Svartalfheim.

Ominous Signs Before the Breach Part 1

First Adventure Module in the Svartalfheim series.

Ominous Signs Before the Breach Part 2

Part two of the first Adventure Module in the Svartalfheim series.

Troubles Rise from Yggdrasil’s Roots Part 1

Part one of the second Adventure Module in the Svartalfheim series. In this module, 4-6 level 2 PCs explore Goblin Town, The Hollow of Horrors and face the deadly Shadow Maw.

Troubles Rise from Yggdrasil’s Roots Part 2

Part tow of the second Adventure Module in the Svartalfheim series. In this module, 4-6 level 2 PCs explore the Ramshackle House and the Chambers of Grief as they come to face CLOWNFORCE9 and Synthread.

How Ragnarok Begins — Triggering Destruction

Supplemental story and background information for Game Masters running the Deep Dark of Svartalfheim adventure series. This narrative describes how the events of Ragnarök commence in the Battlestorm Online campaign world.

Safe Zones Lost, Midgard Invaded

Pending… Part 1 publishing in 1-2 weeks.

The Mines of Svartalfheim


Doomshallow Lord of Svartalfheim


Midgard is Saved?


Module 2

BSO Ragnarok module for levels 6-10. Pending.

Module 3

BSO Ragnarok module for levels 11-15. Pending.

Module 4

BSO Ragnarok module for levels 16-20. Pending.

Hometowns and Safe Zones

Includes Hometown maps, notable NPCs, inns, markets, taverns, guild halls and some quest hooks. Will likely publish partially and then receive frequent updates.

Ashkelon (Midgard)


Nidavellir (Midgard)


Losaelfar (Midgard)


Mio Elysse (Midgard)


Dinas Emrys (Midgard)


Map Archive for Battlestorm Online Ragnarök



D20 Modern and alternate worlds content based on the Helkey modern fantasy series written on this blog. Pending (longer timeframe).

Player’s Options

New Dungeons and Dragons subclasses based on the Helkey series (longer timeframe).

Helkey Adventure Modules


Future Dungeons and Dragons games planned for the World of Oesha setting (longer timeframe).

Horror at Flowermountain Pass

Pending one-shot adventure that may evolve into a campaign (longer timeframe).

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