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Into Infernia

Chapter 1The Memory Draught

Myra’s just drank a potion that wiped out a good chunk of her memory. She soon learns she did it voluntarily! But the big kicker is the reason why.

Chapter 2The Golden Throne

Myra discovers she’s headed toward a Hell Gate at the top of a big bank building in Berlin. The gate opens up in a room with a golden toilet.

Chapter 3A Gilded Tower Among the Pyrocumulus

Myra, Beatrice, and Mori make their way to Furze Bank HQ in the steaming environs of a Berlin and Germany reeling from the effects of climate crisis. They need to find a slick way to get Myra in.

Chapter 4Greenwash Interns

Posing as interns, Myra and company use their curse magic to fool bank executive Felix Azriel into giving them a tour. Meanwhile, Ivan Volkov begins his journey to the Golden Throne and Hell Gate.

Chapter 5Hell Gate in the Arch of Time

A Hell Gate opens in the executive water closet at the top of Furze Bank HQ. It is powered by the interest of demons called Pride Eaters who’ve been attracted by Ivan’s self-deification. Beatrice and Mori come up with a crafty plan to sneak Myra through the Gate.

Chapter 6Exorcising the Demon-Wolf

As Myra disappears through the Gate, Beatrice and Mori are left to deal with the dangerous Pride-Eaters and the equally troublesome Ivan Volkov.

Chapter 7A Mirror Specter on the Beach of Infernia

Arriving on a Hell’s Beach, Myra faces down against the extreme environment of Hell. She receives unexpected help from someone very familiar to her.

Chapter 8Saving Mottle

Myra shelters in a rocky spire from a vicious Hell-Storm. But the place is populated by various beasties.

Chapter 9St Mary’s Healing Angel

Beatrice is wounded, Ivan is unruly. What is Mori going to do? Fortunately, he has a plan.

Chapter 10Appeals to a Wolf’s Heart and Baiting the Devil

While at Marienkirche, Mori and Sadie have a heart-to-heart with Ivan Volkov. Sadie makes a surprising offer to Asmodeus’s Chosen.

Chapter 11A Curse Rider Goes Forth

Gibbens Crane rides forth upon his Nightmare from Fortress Invicti to begin his hunt for Beatrice and Mori.

Chapter 12Strange Dreams and Stranger Food

Myra has weird dreams. Mottle provides a horrifying Hell survival tip.

Chapter 13Devil Poachers

Mottle and Myra journey to the terrible domain of Overseer Tower. Seeking shelter, they encounter a dangerous diabolical duo.

Chapter 14Liberator of Souls

Mottle and Myra venture into the vile depths of Poacher’s Cave. There they forge an unlikely alliance.

Chapter 15Ivan the Troll Quits Church, Gets Triggered

Ivan goes on a late night drinking binge — causing trouble for Mori and Beatrice.

Chapter 16Glenda Goodfuture and the Solar Train to Denmark

Sadie, Mori, Beatrice and Ivan set out for the Heaven Gate on a Solar Train. Meanwhile, clever Sadie springs another surprise.

Chapter 17 Gibbens Crane Ghosts Jet Blue

The diabolical Curse Rider — Gibbons Crane — terrorizes the skies of Earth aboard Jet Blue as he begins to hunt Mori and Beatrice in earnest.

Chapter 18Devil-Hunted Tracks

Mori, Beatrice, Sadie and Ivan are hunted by the Curse Rider and his hellish gang of Berserkers while riding the solar train to Hamburg.

Chapter 19 – A Rebellion in Hell

Goaded on by Mirror-Specter — Myra, Mottle, Theri, Zaya and Zel decide to launch a rebellion against Hell.

Chapter 20 — Devil Drivers in a Button Hook

Myra and company venture out to track down Cyda. On the way, they experience a surprise encounter.

Chapter 21 — The Wisp Fields of Knife Lake

After scavenging the scorpion’s wreckage, Myra and co. make an amazing discovery.

Chapter 22 – Ill-Fated Company

Myra, Mottle, Theri, Zel and Zaya seek shelter for themselves and the dozens of wisps they’ve liberated from the slaver Devils called Drivers.

Chapter 23 – Queen of Drivers and Overseers

Regina Rouge, Hell Lord and Queen of Overseer Tower, suspects a threat to her power.

Chapter 24 – Flight to Esbjerg with a Nightmare in the Sky

Mori, Beatrice and Sadie get desperate as the Curse Rider closes in for the kill.

Chapter 25 – Mobile Holy Ground

Sadie’s plan to deal with the Curse Rider begins to unfold.

Chapter 26Fire and Escape

Mori, Beatrice and Sadie try to escape as a fire set by Berserkers encroaches.

Chapter 27Into The North Sea’s Jagged Teeth

Mori, Beatrice and Sadie meet with Finn and Glenda as they begin their storm-tossed voyage to Wind-Sun Isle.

Chapter 28 — Curse Rider on a Kaiju Storm

Gibbons returns to his hunt on the wings of a Nightmare storm.

Chapter 29 – Battle of Sunken Crag, A Devils’ Dance

Myra, Mottle, Zaya, Zel, Theri and their newly liberated wisps as Urdrakes, Plumacats, and Mottles begin to confront the forces of Overseer Tower.

Chapter 30 — Battle of Sunken Crag, Predators’ Games

Myra tries to turn a recent skirmish into a larger success. Meanwhile, Grimjaw hunts his favored prey.

Chapter 31 — Battle of Sunken Crag, Desperate Moves

Myra and Lavross throw everything they’ve got into the fight.

Chapter 32 — Battle of Sunken Crag, Thunderbolts Rise

Myra springs a major surprise to draw Lavross into a trap.

Chapter 33 — Battle of Sunken Crag, Dark Web Revelations

Myra consolidates a recent victory. Meanwhile, Regina uses the Minosian Web to reveal shocking truths about her mage foe.

Chapter 34 — Battle of Sunken Crag, Darkest Pit, Brightest Light

Myra battles the devil Overseer Dressler at Sunken Crag.

Chapter 35 – Ambush at Wind-Sun Isle, Hell’s Platform

Gibbons Crane springs an Ambush as Sadie, Beatrice, Mori, Ivan, Glenda and company approach Wind-Sun Isle aboard a storm-tossed Sun Shepherd.

Chapter 36 — Ambush at Wind-Sun Isle, Belonging to the Kingdom of the Dead

The Nightmare hunts Sun Shepherd through a storm.

Chapter 37 — Ambush at Wind-Sun Isle, Sea Wolf

Gibbons Crane catches Sun Shepherd, summoning Pride Eater demons, he attacks the vessel.

Chapter 38 — Ambush at Wind-Sun Isle, Bright Spark at Eventide

Chapter 39 — Glenda Goodfuture’s Stairway to Heaven

Chapter 40 – The Fall of Overseer Tower

Chapter 41 – Wavesong, The Council of Merrin

Chapter 42 — Lady of Hell’s Rebellion

The Madness of Mechanum

Killer Devils

Slaver Prison

Fortress Invincible and the Lake of Fire

Chapter XXX — The Lake of Fire (Pending)

To Die

Rain of Stars

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