Robertscribbler’s Homebrew Feat Tweak For Shield Master in D&D 5e + Melee Weapon Feat Tweak Mini-Series

In this 19-minute video on the Robertscribbler YouTube channel, I explore a tweak for the Shield Master feat in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Shield Master is commonly nerfed by GMs and official rules arbiters alike in 5e D&D. For this feat tweak, I carve out an expanded ability to use a bonus action to shove and potentially knock opponents prone. Another minor rules change — in this case one that makes playing Shield Master both more fun and effective without breaking the game.

With the addition of a Shield Master feat tweak, I conclude my comprehensive mini-series for making melee combat more fun, flavorful and realistic in D&D 5e. This mini-series includes a much-needed upgrade to the Dual Wielder feat and changes to both Great Weapon Master and Polearm Master (Swift Master) to add variety and options to these already-strong feats. If you wish to use these guides for your games, the links are below:

Great Weapon Master

Polearm Master (Swift Master, still only on YouTube)

Dual Wielder

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