Living in the Heartbeat of Nature — The Druids of Oesha

In a world as rich and vibrant as Oesha, many creatures hold a deep connection to the natural. And among these, Druids are paragons. Though rare, Druids are most numerous among Valemar, Sith and Ithildar fey. More infrequently, Dwarves may show talent for Druidic mastery as do their Half-Troll relatives. Human Druids, however, are nearly unheard of as the natural spirits of the land typically reject them.

Druids dream the deep dreams of the living world and this grants them a special Wyrd all their own. Birds and beasts and plants are friends and family to them. The rich variety of life is an unfolding tapestry and symphony entwined. Nature is a companion, a partner, an equal or often superior force. It is never to be dominated, enslaved, devoured, exploited or destroyed.

Changes in The Moons

There are, however, some deeper differences between the Druids of Oesha and those of other settings. The most critical of these involves the shape-changing ability of the Moon Druid.

Ruled by not just one moon, but many, the Moon Druid, in lieu of gaining an advanced shape shifting form, instead gains what is called a Machin Shin or Heart Form. Upon reaching second level, the Moon Druid chooses one of the following Heart Forms and it stays with them, developing as they advance in level.

A Druid may enter his or her Heart Form as a bonus action, by expending one use of her shape change ability. The Moon Druid may take a heart form once per extended rest at second level, twice at 10th level, and three times at 18th level. The Heart Form is a hybrid form — appearing partly human, partly plant or animal. Heart Forms grant the following features and abilities according to type.


The Fur Heart Form is often that of a hybrid wolf, tiger or bear. The form enlarges by about three feet in size and grows sets of vicious claws and fangs. Fur form is muscular and quick, possessing amazing athletic ability. Moon Druids with this heart form tend to take on a bestial nature.

Size: The Fur Heart Form is large, towering about 9 feet tall. Fur has a reach of 10 feet.

Speed: The Fur Heart Form is swift moving at a speed of 40. The fur form is capable of either bipedal or quadrupedal locomotion. It can therefore willingly serve as a mount.

Attack: At second level this Heart Form gains 2 claw attacks that do 1d6 plus strength or dexterity modifier damage. At 11th level, the form gains a bite attack that does 1d8 plus strength or dexterity modifier damage.

Armor: Fur gains a base natural armor class of 13. The form is incapable of wearing armor.

Temporary Hit Points: The Fur form possesses a number of temporary hit points equal to 10 plus 3 times the Druid’s level. Once this temporary hit point pool is exhausted, the Druid reverts to normal form. A Druid may allow half of any damage taken to soak through to her normal hit points in order to preserve the Heart Form.

Special: Fur gains +2 to strength and +2 to dexterity. Fur gains advantage on Athletics checks. Fur is incapable of wielding hand-held weapons or of casting spells (until higher levels as per normal).


The feather form is the most regal and graceful Machin Shin. A majestic feathered cloak appears to adorn the shoulders of the Druid in this form. And only when he leaps into the air are his glorious wings revealed as they unfurl in flight.

Size: The Feather Heart Form maintains medium size.

Speed: Feather possesses the same walking speed of the original Druid. However, rather than walking a Druid in this form may take great leaps, covering 50 feet of ground and landing at the end of each movement. A Druid in this form is immune to falling damage and may instead glide at the rate of 30 feet for each ten foot drop. Upon reaching 14th level, this leaping and gliding speed becomes flying speed.

Attack: As a bonus action, this form may make a wing buffet attack while at the same time moving 10 feet away from the target. The damage for this attack is 1d8 plus dexterity modifier. The movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity and may include vertical movement. At 11th level, Feather can perform this attack as part of another attack action without expending a bonus action.

Armor: Feather gains a base natural armor class of 12. The form is capable of wearing specially tailored light armor to accommodate its wings. All other armor is too heavy and hinders flight.

Temporary Hit Points: Feather is the least resilient Heart Form gaining 8 hit points plus 2 per Druid level. As with all other forms the Druid may allow half of the damage to soak through to attempt to preserve the form.

Special: Feather gains +2 to dexterity. Feather gains advantage on perception checks. Feather is capable of wielding hand held weapons and of casting spells.


Leaf Machin Shin

(Moon Druids of the Leaf Machin Shin often bind themselves to spirit-haunted forests filled with sacred pools and starlit glades. They are protective of all life, understanding the vital connections between every living being the most intimately of all Druids. Image source: Wi35dda please support her fantastic art here.)

Leaf is the most durable and powerful Machin Shin. Druids in this form grow into enormous walking trees. Their root-like fingers are able to rapidly burrow through earth and stone, easily finding missiles to hurl or rocks to pummel those who defile the great wilds.

Size: Leaf Heart Form is large in size and has a 10 foot reach. Upon reaching 13th level, the form becomes huge with a 15 foot reach.

Speed: Leaf moves at a lumbering pace,  covering 30 feet.

Attack: Leaf may pummel opponents with great wooden fists, smash them with hand held rocks or hurl these rocks at opponents up to 200 feet away, making two such attacks each round. These attacks deal 1d8 points of damage + strength modifier or twice as much to structures. Upon reaching 13th level, the attacks deal 1d10 + strength modifier damage.

Armor: Leaf gains a base armor class of 14 + dexterity modifier. Leaf is incapable of wearing manufactured armor.

Temporary Hit Points: Leaf is the most durable form gaining 12 + 4 temporary hit points per Druid level. As with other forms, a Druid can let half the damage soak through in order to preserve it.

Special: Leaf gains + 4 to strength. Leaf gains advantage on endurance and on persuasion checks when dealing with beasts and plants. Leaf can use improvised but not manufactured weapons. Leaf may root in place as a standard action becoming immobile. Leaf in this state cannot be pushed and gains +1 hit point for each hit dice spent to heal during a rest. Leaf cannot cast spells while in this form.


This Machin Shin is scaley — possessing traits similar to a mix between a fish, a humanoid and a sea reptile. Fin is the most versatile Machin Shin — able to adapt to numerous settings and situations.

Size: The Fin form is medium in size.

Speed: The Fin form is swift — having both a land speed and swim speed of 35. Due to its claws on hands and feet, and due to its balancing tail, it also possesses climb speed of 25.

Attack: Fin may strike with its tail stinger once per round as a bonus action. The stinger possesses a neurotoxin requiring a saving throw DC 8 + Constitution Modifier + Proficiency bonus or become blinded until the end of the next turn. Stinger damage is 1d4 + dexterity modifier. At 11th level, Fin may make this attack as part of a regular attack action without using up its bonus action.

Armor: Fin has a base natural armor class of 13. Fin is capable of wearing light armor, but the armor bonuses do not stack.

Temporary Hit Points: Fin is relatively tough for its size gaining 8 + 3 temporary hit points for each Druid level. Like the other forms, it may let half damage soak through in order to preserve the form.

Special: Fin gains +2 to dexterity and +2 to constitution with the hit points gained going to the Druid. Fin gains advantage on stealth checks. Fin may cast spells and use hand held weapons in this form. Fin may breathe and see normally in water.

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