The Dominator — Livestream Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Play, Character Profiles, and Video Archive

This blog contains an archive of live streaming games from The Dominator campaign GM’d by yours truly and originally streamed on Twitch. It’s also an introduction to the heroes of The Dominator — Guy, Heruj, Lucious, Maaradeth, and Terron.

A continuation of a traditional D&D campaign, The Dominator is an unofficial, original OGL module created for 12-20th level characters which I will be publishing for free on this blog as a part of my larger D&D OGL blog series. This module is not an official WOTC product, nor is it affiliated with any WOTC IP. The Dominator is, instead, a campaign adventure designed to fit seamlessly into any game in which the players earn the ire of a powerful evil wizard. The adventure is a result of this wizard’s lust for vengeance against the players. In our case, the evil wizard A. is calling in a multiversal hit against the players to one of the nastiest, vilest villains in all the worlds.

The Dominator will run on Friday nights about once per month starting at around 9 PM EST. Its live stream will be viewable at my collaborator Ted Burgess’s Twitch page. We look forward to hanging out with you there!

Adventure Opening Story


After earning the ire of A. — one of the most powerful undead wizards in the multiverse — the players discover they are now the target of A.’s chief adventurer-hunter — The Dominator. Our heroes have thus fallen into The Dominator’s web of dark design. A cunning hunter and the implement of A.’s vengeance against our heroes, The Dominator lures them into a dangerous series of adventures. These journeys follow a deadly path that ultimately leads to The Dominator’s own Nether Realm. A demi-plane turned to deadly hunting grounds in which the players become game in a Great Hunt.

The Dominator and his Nether Realm hosts a rogues’ gallery of powerful and malign entities he’s invited to take part in a demented series of entertainments. The first is enjoying feasts and other delights while viewing the Nether Realm through various scrying devices as adventurers struggle to survive through its numerous dangers. This sport includes the placing of bets on who will live to face each night’s new hunt. The second event, The Main Event, is a nightly Great Hunt in which the Dominator and all his guests participate in an evil game to capture and kill the heroes trapped in the Nether Realm. Those who succeed in killing adventurers take back trophies, treasures, and may earn special prizes from their host. These cigar-smoking fiends, monsters, and scoundrels greatly enjoy the entertainments The Dominator provides. They also cheer uproariously if the heroes manage to slay or defeat one of their fellow hunters. Such is their depravity and disregard. It is the most dangerous and risky sport-hunting of all — this hunting of heroes.

Here we chronicle our heroes’ epic struggle to escape and defeat this twisted and terrible evil.


Character Profiles

What follows are the character profiles for Guy, Heruj, Lucious, Maaradeth, and Terron. Presently these heroes are all level twelve. Having survived a great adventure, they begin the campaign as victors over one of A.’s terrible dungeons. As they continue, they will begin to face the lures and snares The Dominator sets out for them. It’s worth noting that this group has developed a strong sense of player camaraderie as most of the present members played for about three years together to reach their present level.

Guy Pirodost is a Human Hunter Ranger. Touched by an ancient, frog-like wilderness spirit of might and bravery, Guy is often inspired to plunge straight into the fray with crystal flaming longsword and a magical shortsword swinging. A good friend who enjoys a brawl as much as the next guy, Guy is a happy-go-lucky fellow who’s both a barrel o’ fun and a great friend. If he’s a bit lacking in the self preservation department, nobody’s going to criticize.

Guy’s Token

Heruj is a towering humanoid elephant Druid of the Land. Marked by a tiger-like jungle spirit of nobility and honor dedicated to the destruction of evil, Heruj is both a gentle protector and a fierce wild warrior. Bearing a petrified wood Staff of the Woodlands, Heruj commands the mighty forces of nature, summons its elements and creatures, and can transform himself into a great variety of creatures. A traveler from lands afar, he often finds himself in awe of the worlds’ wide array of peoples and cultures. As a jewelry aficionado, Heruj bedecks himself with various finery. He is particularly enamored to bedecking himself with trunk-rings.

Heruj’s Token

Lucious is a fiercely intense Tiefling Bronze Draconic Sorcerer. A master of powerful magic, Lucious channels mystical energy both from his draconic and diabolical aspects. Not one to cross, Lucious is known to enact vengeance on those who’ve wronged him. His spirit guide is a snake-like being that grants him cunning, subtlety, fire. Not that Lucious needed extra fire. But he certainly got it. Wielding a magical lute that channels this fiery magic is just icing on Lucious’ death metal cake.

Lucious’s Token

Maaradeth is a terrifying and awe-inspiring Aasimar Paladin of Conquest. A mighty defender and expert mace wielder, Maaradeth uses both her magical mace and her awesome presence to terrorize her foes, freezing them in place with fear or causing them to flee in horror. Aiding her is a battle-hungry wild spirit in monkey form. This being is infected with great battle-lust and its overwhelming spiritual force floods over enemies like an angry geist. Despite the fear she inflicts on her foes, Maaradeth is a noble and just person. She sometimes just gets carried away in battle. Who can blame her? Who dares?

Maaradeth’s Token

Tarron Naehorn is a glib and jocular Wood Elf Drunken Master Monk. Whether on a quest to find his lost brother or to reach the bottom of the next barrel of ale, Tarron’s about as guaranteed to come up with some heavy-hitting action as the hangover is to follow the all-night-binge. You can count on Tarron’s thunderous fists and deadly magical staff to hit just as hard and they’re about as guaranteed to deliver a knock-out punch. Terron’s guiding spirit manifests as a proud and graceful bird. This mystical beast grants Terron both preternatural alertness and the ability to run across flows of air. Tarron just wishes it would shut the hell up. Especially in the morning.

Tarron’s Token

Setting up The Dominator

The above players have participated in and completed a traditional WOTC campaign. This game has transported them all the way to level 12 as they foiled a world-rending plot by an evil undead Wizard. For your background, I’m posting the final two games in that campaign here.


Below is a prepared archive for livestream play of The Dominator campaign. This high level game will begin at 12 and take players all the way through level 20 (and higher). It is a module series specifically designed for high level play and takes into account players expanded capabilities at this level. Expect new monsters, unique magic items, story hooks for characters in play, a superhero style story arc, and combat encounters balanced to challenge powerful characters and experienced players.

Episode 1 — Desperate Pleas and Deadly Lures


Last Notes

For now, we conclude our gaming archive and related character profiles for The Dominator. Return for updates and new video archives occurring about once a month. Also, I’ll be updating our character profiles when the situation warrants. Thank you for stopping by!

If you’re interested in using our free-to-play campaign materials for your own games check back at this blog’s Gaming Studio regularly for updates. I’ll be posting Game Master materials for this campaign there over the coming weeks starting with an adventure intro and a player’s guide, then moving on to adventure modules in the larger Dominator story arc.

Final note — as a bit of trivia, this campaign was originally run by me as a 2E D&D adventure in the early-to-mid 1990s for a group of friends and family. So it’s nostalgic for me to be both re-running the adventure and to be posting it here for your enjoyment and gaming pleasure. Thank you all!

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