Robertscribbler on Gish Optimized: The Hexblade and Party-Friendly Darkness With Hunger of Hadar in D&D 5e

Part 2 of the Party-Friendly Darkness mini-series… In this 29-minute video on the Robertscribbler YouTube channel, I explore how to use the Devil’s Sight ability and darkness-producing spells like Hunger of Hadar in a party-friendly way in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. The previous party-friendly darkness discussion focused on using Summon Fey to conjure a flank-buddy. A Tricksy Fey that helps your Hexblade generate advantage by using of its special ability to drop a five foot cube of darkness. This guide focuses on using Hunger of Hadar as an area denial spell that you can see and shoot through, but many monsters cannot. A supplement to the Raven Queen’s Herald Hexblade-Fighter Charop build.

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