Icewind Dale 13 (A D&D 5e Re-Rendering) — Assault on Dragon Eye

Welcome to Icewind Dale, Episode 13 — The Assault on Dragon Eye! Featuring a nail-biting encounter and a boatload of gamer humor, this most recent episode is bound to please those who like their D&D strategy mixed in with a huge helping of tasteless jokes.

The Icewind Dale campaign is a D&D 5e re-rendering of the D&D 2e CRPG produced in the 2000s and now available on Steam. A tactician’s dream, Icewind Dale presents numerous and escalating challenges for players. Those who love exciting tactical scenarios will get their fill in this game. The 5e re-creation by Ted Burgess is true to the game’s original high difficulty and has been amazingly fun to play.

In this 13th episode, the party confronts powerful lizard-folk, dangerous bombardier beetles, and swarms of monstrous spiders as they venture into Dragon Eye. A volcanic structure located in the Spine of the World, Dragon Eye may hide the source of the strange evil plaguing Kuldahar. The party, now level 6, commences its exploration of this dangerous dungeon in episode 13. They are — Roderick (a golden boy Trickery Cleric/Arcane Trickster rogue), Veris (a summoning and healing focused Shepherd Druid), Rueger (a burly goliath Rune-Knight Fighter), Immeral (an elven Monk of the Long Death), and Gaelya (my elven Bladesinger Wizard). Alinar, our great-weapon Sorcadin, takes a break from the action for this session.

As with most of our Icewind Dale games, we’re swiftly drawn into a challenging combat in which each player’s tactical choices generate great impact. If you enjoy deadly encounters, gritty tactics, and light-hearted banter, you’ll probably love this most recent foray into old-school Icewind Dale as 5e D&D.

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